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Zoom Now Offers Repair Estimates

By July 24, 2020August 31st, 2021No Comments

You asked, we listened! Thanks to customer feedback, Zoom has found that one of the largest challenges home buyers face is understanding what the true cost of the repairs found during the inspection might be. But the cost of a roof replacement or a foundation repair can now be quickly understood. Zoom Home Inspections provides a resource for quick and reliable repair estimates.

Once clients receive the completed inspection report, they can elect to receive repair estimates costs within 24 hours. Using Zoom’s exclusive discount, the cost for this report is just $89 and includes valuable resources for clients. This detailed estimate will include all noted concerns in the inspection report, and help clients either budget for the repairs or negotiate with sellers.

The decision to offer this service came from feedback to our client survey, and we are proud to be partnering with a company to fulfill this need. More than anything, Zoom appreciates being in partnership with our clients and Realtors to make the home inspection process quick and easy, and to support a successful transaction.

Zoom is constantly seeking input on what more we can do during the inspection process to create a better experience for our clients.

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