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Zoom’s Newsletters Over the Years

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At Zoom Home Inspections, we love learning and sharing information – about the current housing market, proper home care, market trends, you name it! Zoom’s newsletters are our way of keeping real estate professionals and current or aspiring homeowners informed and inspired with monthly insights.

Each month we share relevant topics in the housing market, such as warning signs to look for when buying a house or current insider trends. We also include our latest interesting finds discovered during our home inspections – a helpful reminder for why inspections are so important! We like to finish off with some fun facts, tips, and local recommendations.

Since Zoom’s newsletters contain handy information, tips, and tricks for homeowners, we’ve compiled them all into one place for easy reference.


This December newsletter features some recent holiday scams to be aware of, along with a happy holiday accident-turned tradition that you can find in Tacoma. Read here. 

The November newsletter highlights this year’s high demand and low supply chain, along with additional predictions estimating when this supply chain fiasco might end. Read here.

October is fire prevention month, so we focused on how to keep your home fire-safe in our October newsletter. Read here.

Our September newsletter covers how to improve indoor air quality during the fall months and another arcing electrical panel. Read here.

This August newsletter warns about the dangers of wire fraud and how to avoid it, our latest blog on infrared cameras, and how a massive leak hiding behind a wall was discovered during one of our inspections. Read here. 

Our July newsletter prepares you for what might happen if you skip the inspection contingency, our most recent blog illuminating our top favorite inspection finds, and some ‘shocking’ electrical panel issues. Read here. 

In our June newsletter, we cover Zoom Home Inspection trends, an old relic of a furnace found during an inspection, and summer fun in Seattle. Read here. 

In May’s newsletter, we go over King Country property valuations, water from a bath faucet at 141 Fahrenheit, and some backyard inspiration. Read here.

In April’s newsletter, we talked about heading back to the office, why new construction homes still need a home inspection and shared a beautiful view of the Puget Sound from a unique crawlspace. Read here.

In the March newsletter, we talked about seller procured inspections, a massive moisture ant colony found in a farmhouse, and 24 ways to clean hard-to-clean areas. Read here.

For February’s newsletter, we discussed scheduling updates, shared an impressive photo of a water-filled heat duct. Read here.  

In the January newsletter, we discussed which counties saw the highest growth in listings, home organizing tips, and some shingles blown off of a brand new construction house — yikes! Read here.


This December newsletter features our commitment to Realtors, supply and demand in the housing market, and our discovery of a water leak in the laundry room during a home inspection. Read here.

The November newsletter discusses how to make a strong offer, the concern about double-digit price increases, and a funny roof tiling where the front half was obviously replaced and the back half left for the buyer to handle. Read here.

In the October newsletter, we discuss the housing demand, details about a renters assistance program, and the top ten questions to ask a home inspector. Read here

Our September newsletter prepares you for carbon monoxide safety, dives into an increase in new construction home purchases, and an outdated plumbing system that would have created a headache for a new buyer if left unaware. Read here.  

In our August newsletter, we cover how the housing market continues to be a seller’s market, how to manage a listing during a pandemic, and a major water leak in the entry door found by our infrared scans. Read here

July’s newsletter features changes to air conditioning system requirements, adjusting to stay-at-home orders, and a safety hazard to a water heater. Read here

In June’s newsletter, we announce that Zoom now offers repair estimates, ponder how remote working has shifted the housing market, and share a picture of an attic full of fungus. Read here.

The May newsletter features the Project Kid’s Cancer Cure Guild and a toilet plumbed with hot water! Read here

Our April newsletter talks about Zoom’s COVID protocols, a celebration of Zoom’s first full year in business, and a nest full of beautiful blue eggs found perched on a beam. Read here

March’s newsletter discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the housing market, why full disclosure while selling is essential, and a Seattle home with a horizontal foundation crack. Read here. 

Preventing dryer vent fires, pre-offer inspections, and a damaged downspout are all featured in our February newsletter. Read here.    

This January newsletter features winterizing your home, and a lack of insulation during an inspection — which explains those chilly winter nights! Read here


This December newsletter explains Zoom’s commitment to proper home inspections, how to tell how long a home inspector has been in business by looking at their license numbers, and a broken main support beam. Read here.

Our November newsletter talks about building codes and home inspections, how to recycle latex paint, and damaged trusses in the attic. Read here

This October newsletter features how we coordinate schedules, information about home inspection education requirements, and a new construction home without the required proper structural framing. Read here.  

September’s newsletter offers our guide for home maintenance, a termite infestation, and some fall fun for those living in the Puget Sound area. Read here

The August newsletter explains our simple pricing method, thermal imaging finds, and our 24/7 scheduling services. Read here.

Our July newsletter talks about simplifying the inspection response, high moisture levels in a new construction home, and some home hacks. Read here.   

This June newsletter warns about house red flags and pests that like to destroy wood. Read here

This is our first-ever newsletter, announcing what Zoom has to offer and introducing Brian! Read here


Be sure to check back to this page for updated newsletters, so that you can always find your favorite home tips and resources in one place! 


Zoom Home Inspections performs quick and complete home inspections in Issaquah, Seattle, and throughout the Puget Sound region. Schedule your home inspection here. 

“Brian was very thorough, personable and excellent at explaining things to make them easy to understand.” – Maya R.


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