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Forms + FAQs

Sample Report

Zoom uses the latest in reporting software to provide clients with an easy-to-read, detailed digital report that can easily be translated to an inspection response document.

A sample report for Zoom Home Inspection so that customers can see how reporting will look when they work with Zoom.

Standards of Practice

In all inspections, Zoom follows the parameters required by the State of Washington Standards of Practice.


Inspection Agreement

Prior to inspection, Zoom requires all clients to read and sign an agreement which outlines the scope and limits of liability of the inspection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a home inspection take?

Typically, a standard home inspection will take about 3 hours to complete. Larger homes can take up to 4 hours. An interior condominium inspection usually takes about 1½ hours.

How much does an inspection cost?

Home inspections typically cost between $450 to $750 depending on the size of home and scope of inspection. For a complete price list, please see our pricing page.

What can I expect during the home inspection?

Zoom inspectors follow a definite method when inspecting a home to help ensure all areas are inspected. You are welcome to ask any questions of your inspector during the process, as we are happy to inform you of all aspects of the property.

Should I be present during the home inspection?

As a buyer, you are not required to be present during the inspection. However, Zoom encourages all buyers to accompany their inspector, as you can gain valuable insight into the home.

What doesn’t a home inspection include?

By state law, a home inspection is not technically exhaustive and does not identify concealed conditions or latent defects.

Do you provide a digital report?

Yes, Zoom utilizes the latest industry software (Spectora) to provide an easy-to-read report with photos and video that can be quickly converted into an inspection response.

Do you provide pest inspections?

Yes, Zoom inspectors are certified structural pest inspectors and include this in all home inspections. Although rodent identification is not included in structural pest inspection certification, rodent activity is a common occurrence in the Puget Sound region and, if evidence is found, we include these findings in our report.

Do you use infrared cameras?

Yes, Zoom inspectors have thermography training and equip themselves with infrared technology to provide the most complete inspection as possible.

Do you inspect for mold?

Mold needs moisture to grow and therefore, Zoom inspectors look diligently for moisture intrusion. While we are not mold specialists, we often find areas of concern and recommend further review by a professional mold investigator.

The inspection is over and we have the report, now what?

At this point, you and your real estate representative can work together to create an inspection response, commonly referred to as a 35R document. Zoom’s report makes preparing this document simple.

Zoom inspectors are here for you. If you have any questions about the report or the inspection findings, please give us a call. Whether you have just moved into your home or had us inspect for you years ago, we are happy to answer any questions concerning your property.