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Zoom’s commitment to Realtors

How we support realtors and their clients

At Zoom Home Inspections, we value our Realtor partners. In this blog, we’d like to highlight some of the ways we work hard to create a positive experience for Realtors and their clients.

Short notice availability

Let Zoom be a resource to help you and your clients through the buying and selling process. We understand how challenging it can be trying to get your client an edge in this market. Luckily, Zoom offers short notice availability and even accommodates same-day requests whenever possible.

Home buyers often opt for a short inspection contingency in their offer to be more competitive. Realtors can book an inspection on Zoom’s website and make an offer for their clients knowing that all their needs are covered. If the offer is not accepted, shoot us a text message, and we can cancel the inspection. We have no cancellation fees because we understand what it takes to put together a strong and compelling offer.

Easy scheduling

Schedule at your convenience! Zoom offers 24-hour online scheduling, allowing your clients to book appointments whenever it suits them. No more long wait times or difficult scheduling systems when you book with us.

Dedicated customer support

We know clients are often nervous about the transaction and may have questions before or after the inspection. We are committed to open, clear, and calm communication with clients; creating a better experience for them and relieving some of the burden on Realtors.

Knowledge and experience

Zoom Home Inspections’ Founder, Brian McDowell, has over 35 years of experience in contracting and home inspection services. Beyond his expertise, Brian is passionate about setting his clients up for success by providing helpful details throughout the home inspection process (that you can actually understand). From his thorough inspections to helpful home repair recommendations, his friendly demeanor helps eliminate buyer and seller stress.

Quick and complete inspections

You and your clients deserve the best of both worlds. Realtors know that when they refer a client to Zoom—whether they’re a first-time or seasoned buyer/seller—the client will be reassured with a detailed inspection by an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector. Our easy-to-read inspection report, delivered within 24 hours, helps relieve some of the headaches and homework that can accompany an inspection contingency.

Extra services

We provide supplemental services such as structural pest inspection and infrared camera inspection at no additional fee, so you don’t need to bring in a specialist. Through our partnership with local professional sewer scope technicians, we also offer supplemental sewer scope inspections.

Repair estimates

In partnership with Major Domo, Zoom provides repair estimates that detail typical costs of needed repairs found during the inspection. Providing an estimate of the cost of repairs in a report that a client can easily understand puts their minds at ease and helps remove obstacles to the transaction.

COVID-19 preparedness

Zoom is proud to have earned recognition as a certified COVID-19 inspection company by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Please find our COVID-19 protocols here.

The health and well-being of all people associated with a sale transaction are of the utmost importance to us. We understand some households still have health concerns regarding COVID-19, and we continue to practice safe and sanitized inspection processes. One way to protect clients with compromised immune systems is to have the property fully inspected prior to listing.

Providing a complete inspection report to clients previewing the home can focus the traffic on prospective buyers rather than inspectors, and in turn, minimize exposure to the coronavirus.

Zoom Home Inspections performs quick and complete home inspections in Issaquah, Seattle, and throughout the Puget Sound region.

“Brian from Zoom Inspections did a fantastic job for us. He provided updates as he did the inspection and the inspection report within a couple of hours making it easier for us to put an early offer on the house. The report itself was detailed and clearly explained the severity and remediations. I would highly recommend Brian and Zoom Inspections to anyone looking for home inspection.” – Sham S.


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